A Break For Art

This week I took a break from politics and my TBBM work. I was quickly spiraling into a burn out. I knew this and it was the right time for a mental rest. I am sensitive, emotional, and gentle. These are not flaws and I love this about myself, but being this way makes it hard to keep up. So a week off is something someone like me needs from time to time.


This might not be the best piece of art I have ever made however I just cant stop looking at it. It perfectly describes without words how I have been feeling this week. I have been flowing through my day one foot in the present and one in a higher dimension. I can see different versions of myself all reaching, touching, feeling. A quiet inner stillness where everything is in slow motion. A ominous hand reaches through the veil, as seen in the photograph. I am not here, but there.

I have drawn a lot of wonder and inspiration from our yard over these past few days. I have been enchanted with the little violets, dazzled by the way the green lush vegetation glows in the setting sun. I can feel the spring energy building and building all around me. Anticipation, excitement, magic. All of the little spring spirits are flirtatiously dancing around each little new flower. If you take the time to look you can feel them too.




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