The Harvest Begins- Egyptian Walking Onions

Another wonderful weekend moving into motion this year’s yard transformation. It has been an exciting journey reshaping the monotonous preexisting landscaping. The yard encircling our house looked like a home depot ad, and it served no purpose other than aesthetics (which is also debatable).


Today we added paths connecting the patio to the open yard. In doing so we needed to uproot some Egyptian Walking Onions. These little charismatic onions are bountiful and easy to propagate so we thought, hey why not use them for tonight’s dinner? (actually it was Mortal Tree’s idea!) You can read some more great info on these plants on Mortal Tree’s blog. These onions are the offspring of bulbs that he brought us last season!


I really love eating onions in the most simplest of ways. I like to use the entire stalk (minus any ragged ends) in a simple sauteing application or even just raw on tacos or salads.


Here I have prepared them to be sauteed with mushrooms in bacon grease to accompany chicken thighs. I love chopping vegetables. I find it so therapeutic and meditative, especially with some great music and a fresh breeze coming in open windows.


The completed dinner all made in my instant pot! I love the instant pot because you can pressure cook, slow cook, boil, and saute all in the same pot. I pressure cooked the chicken thighs (15 minutes on high, probably could have done 10) and then the beans (1 minute on high), retained the drippings from both, and boiled it down in the instant pot to make the gravy. I sauteed the mushrooms and EWO while I broiled the chicken thighs to crisp up the skin.

It’s only the end of March and we are already enjoying great dishes from our gardens!



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