Songs: Von Del Elben by Faun

My love the for the band Faun continues with this next song named “Von Del Elben” from the album Licht. It is important to note the band has a second version of the song which is newer. The lyrics differ and it includes more instruments making it sound less acoustic. I very much prefer the simplicity of the first version of the song.

When I first heard this song I was immediately enchanted. I was pulled from the present day back in time with the magical combination of harp and vocals. I knew this song was something special.

I wanted to write about the song so I did some google searching and it turns out the lyrics are in middle high German. I have found the best translation as follows:

By The Elves
Many a man is bewitched by the elves.
Thus have I also been bewitched
By those of greatest charm towards a man.
But if she’d rather spite me for it,
And vent it, might she boil to take revenge,
But does she what I ask her: she would so pleasure me
That I would well dissolve in bliss.

When her bright eyes so turn
That they look right through my heart,
Whoever then were to stand between us and so annoy me,
He shall see all his glee put to an end!
I’ll stand and wait for her, my joy,
Like the little birds do for the day.
When shall I ever experience love?

I know the translation leaves much to be desired however it is sufficient enough for me to fall even more deeply in love with the song. Very delicate and beautiful indeed. Here are the original lyrics:

Von Den Elben
Vón den elben wirt entsén vil manic man.
Só bin ich von grózer liebe entsén
Von der besten die ie man ze friunt gewan.
Wil si aber mich darumbe vên,
Mir zunstaten stên, mac sied an rechen sich,
Tuo des ich si bite: si fröut sô sêre mich,
Daz min lip vor wunne muoz zergên.

Swenne ir liehten ougen sô verkêren sich
Daz si mir aldurch mîn herze sên,
swêr da enzwischen danne stêt und irret mich,
dém müeze al sîn wunne gar zergên!
Ich muoz vor ir stên unde warten der vröiden mîn
rehte alsô des tages diu kleinen vogellîn.
Wenne sol mir iemer liep geschên?

Lovely. If only I knew the language so that I could sing along. However the vocals are a bit high for me- I unfortunately have a very narrow vocal range.




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