Why Should We Care About What We Eat?

I wanted to take a few minutes and talk about why we should care about what we put into our bodies. Cleaning up your diet is a very important accompaniment to changing the world and fighting for the ideals you hold dear to your heart. This is the big leagues and we are no longer just children. YOU are the only one that can take care of yourself. YOU get to decide how you feel and how you present yourself to the world.  We all know about fake media and fake news but what about fake food? Products such as pop-tarts, soda, boxed cereals, and frozen dinners are just food imitators. These foods not only poison your body, but dull your mind too. Our bodies and minds are interconnected. Nourishing our bodies aides in clear thinking and decisive words that helps accomplish effective communication when debating with others. Eating these food imitators leaves you brittle, slow, fallow, and closer to dead than alive. Food imitators steal away your fertility and sex drive. They degrade sperm and eggs, and alter genes and how they are expressed within your genome. YOU get to decide what genes get passed down to your children. Real, nourishing foods breathe life and vitality into your body, creating a sense of warmth and overflowing joy for our time here on this planet. Zest for going out into the world, getting what you desire, zest for sex, zest for your home, and your people are all brought about by feeding cells in your body what they require to function to their fullest potential.

A lot of men comment on my videos at Red Ice expressing their desire to find a woman who can cook a meal that can do all that I have described above. This is great news that men are looking for women who share their passion for a healthy, wholesome life. So I urge all of you to play your part too. Be the man that attracts that type of woman. Care about how you look and how you feel. Do what your body was meant to do and take care of it by healthy eating paired with movement and exercise. Taking care of yourself leads to a strong, sound mind and demeanor. If you want a traditional woman ask yourself if you are a traditional man? Are you able to physically protect your family and home from invaders? Do you know how to start a fire without a lighter? Do you know how to chop wood or handle a bushcraft knife? I urge all men to follow their primal instincts and reconnect to themselves spiritually and physically.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my words,


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