A Garden


When I think of the perfect garden I envision a garden that provides for me not only food, but pleasure. It would be a garden that nourishes my soul and my spirit.  I would allow this garden in, and together we would share our energy. This garden and I would give eachother life. When I imagine this garden I do not think of neat, straight lines of production. I do not think of uniform plants growing in equal distance from each other. I don’t think of categories. I don’t think of labels. My garden would not be a factory for only me.

I would respect the earth’s natural family ties. Here would grow plants that complement each other, and plants that intertwine to support each other. This garden would be free, free of control, free of harsh hands, and free of plastic boundaries. The plants here would grow true to their nature. They would be allowed to live as they wish. I would only be a facilitator. I could only support and nurture.

This garden would be wild and beautiful. It would be alive and awake. It would attract abundance. The dynamic nature of this garden would cycle through the seasons with ease and each season would hold its value and purpose to me. As it sleeps during the winter it regenerates its energy. It rests with one eye open, and meets spring with eagerness. Every year this garden would surprise me with presents of spontaneity.

This garden may be at times a little unruly, and maybe defiant. There would be no hardships to tame it and become its authority. This garden would be the master and I the student. It may choose not to give me what I want -in this way it would be revealed to me what I need. This garden would speak to me. I would not need to hear but rather to listen. Any mishaps would only be communication as to what is going on within. I would be able to feel its words with my body and obligingly reciprocate. 

All of my senses would be used to appreciate this garden. This garden would delight and inspire. This garden would be sensual. This garden would be most importantly playful in taste, touch, sight, smell, and sound. Beyond the senses this garden might remind some of spirit. It would be my wish that others would leave this garden surprised to find themselves feeling a little bit more connected to their consciousness.






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