Mother of Pearl


I wrote about a video I watched on Carol Tuttle’s facebook live video called “Healing Your Feminine Energy”. This video really spoke to me and I realized I might need to do some healing with mother of peal. So I ordered a mother of pearl necklace from and it arrived today. The necklace was packaged beautifully and came in a little natural fiber bag inside of a glass container. Accompanying the necklace was a little card that reads:

Mother of Pearl
Emotional Fulfillment

For when you are experiencing-
A sense of abandonment
Unfulfilled emotional or physical needs from childhood
Difficulty feeling or expressing love
Out-of-balance emotions

For when you want to-
Feel calm and soothed
Feel nurtured by motherly love
Be reminded of the ocean of divine love within you
Be protected from negative energies

And again from their website:

“Mother of Pearl stirs and awakens the primordial memory of your origin in the infinite ocean of divine love. It stirs this memory in your thoughts, your feelings, and in every cell of your physical body. As your memory opens, this divine love flows into you, repairing the deep wounds created by unfulfilled needs. Mother of Pearl’s energy sings the song of motherly love as it imparts the feeling of being cradled in a loving mother’s arms.”


When I opened the box and removed the pearls from the sachet I was completely blown away. These pearls have substance! They tingled my fingers and made my heart beat faster. I felt very overwhelmed upon placing the necklace around my neck. I actually had to take it off for a little while. I did not feel calmed or soothed at all. I am not sure what this means. If this is good or bad? I’ll have to do some researching. Is there something wrong with the necklace or do I just have A LOT of healing to do? I really, truly, honestly was not fully convinced that crystals could move mountains. I certainly believed they had healing properties but I did not feel it as strongly until the moment I touched this necklace. It’s really kind of freaking me out here! I am so pleasantly surprised and eternally thankful that I have discovered, with the help of friends, these tools for healing, support and vibrancy.



4 thoughts on “Mother of Pearl

  1. I have experienced violent reactions to crystals when first coming in contact with them to the point of blurred vision and nearly losing conciousness. I know very little about the situation, but to give my best guess, I was aware and desirous of the energy in the crystal and perhaps made too strong an uptake of its energy due to this frame of mind. I used labrodorite to moderate its energy. Perhaps you were in like frame of mind when picking up the mother of pearl?


    • Yes I think you are exactly right, I was very nervous and anxious feeling about the necklace upon opening the package. I felt like I was hit by a truck when I first touched it. I put it back on throughout the day and things calmed down.
      On the card accompanying the necklace it says not to store near other crystals. Does that mean I shouldn’t put it on my jewlery rack or is it okay as long as it’s not touching others or very close to them?
      I guess I want to add I was also feeling a little greedy when I was opening it. Like “hurry up and get this necklace out!”


  2. I would recommend cleansing it. We don’t know what energy it has absorbed etc. Before coming to you. I like the sea salt water soak under a new moon, myself…. Or running water as in a creek etc, can be great. I just found your blog, after I watched your kefir demo. You are not alone!

    …. I like kefir too…… 😉

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