#Charlottesville May Have Redefined Women’s Roles in the Alt Right

Great post from Wife With A Purpose in the aftermath of Charlottesville

Wife With A Purpose


When I first agreed to speak at Charlottesville at Unite the Right no one could have predicted what sort of event it would become. Many of the speakers scheduled such as Richard Spencer and Chris Cantrell had successfully spoken many times at many different events with little or no opposition. Even when they faced opposition it had not become overly violent.


So when I agreed to speak at Unite the Right it was barely more than a few friends getting together. There had already been a tiki torch gathering in the same park earlier in the year that was largely peaceful and fairly small. A recent free speech rally in DC had gone off without a hitch with roughly one hundred people in attendance. As the months of planning creeped by and the rally grew closer we could all see this was swelling beyond anything we could have…

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