The Self Care Deception

Helicopter Mom

Stay at home mothers are increasingly advised to develop habits of self care. In the most basic sense, self care includes things like taking a shower and remembering to eat. Of course, we moms—as well as all people—have to take care of ourselves. It would be ridiculous to claim that it’s all well and good for other women to take time to care for their own person, but I can’t possibly. Self care is a genuine necessity.

However, not all definitions of self care are helpful. Many use the term to mean child-free happy hours and extended time away from home duties. In particular, binge watching television is presented as a magical cure-all for tired moms. None of these activities is bad on its own, but feminism says these things are necessary for stay at home mothers to survive parenthood’s exhausting, mindless demands. If a mother goes more than…

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